AERIE and the Power of Secure Self-Custody for Digital Assets

4 min readSep 11, 2023


Meet Alex, an emerging digital artist with a passion for creating unique and captivating NFTs. With each stroke of the digital brush, Alex crafted one-of-a-kind pieces of art that were ready to be tokenized on the blockchain. The world of NFTs held the promise of transforming their art into a digital goldmine.

As Alex embarked on his journey into the realm of NFTs, he soon realized that one aspect was paramount in this digital artistry: custody. Unlike traditional art forms, NFTs exist solely in the digital space, and custody for NFTs is essential not only for security but also for verifying ownership and preserving the integrity of these unique digital creations.

The Essence of Self-Custody in the Digital World

In the digital world, custody means how you keep your important digital items safe and sound. Imagine it like the lock on your front door, but for your digital assets. These digital assets include things like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain-based items. Custody is all about controlling these digital things and making sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Now, there are two types of custody: self-custody and non-self custody. We have a whole article about this one. If you’re interested in delving deeper, click here.

Self-custody is when you take care of your digital assets yourself, like having your own vault and being your own guard. You hold the key, you keep the items safe.

On the other hand, non-self custody means you rely on someone else, like a bank, to keep your stuff safe. They have the keys, and you trust them to guard your digital goodies.

In the crypto world, the saying is “Not your keys, not your coins.” This phrase emphasizes the importance of owning and controlling the private keys to your cryptocurrency wallets. It means that if you don’t have control over the private keys, you don’t have full ownership or control over the cryptocurrency in that wallet. So, it encourages individuals to prioritize self-custody of their cryptocurrency by holding and safeguarding their private keys themselves, rather than relying on third-party services like exchanges or custodial wallets.

AERIE’s Commitment to Secure Self-Custody

Now, let’s see how AERIE steps into Alex’s digital art journey, offering a solution that aligns perfectly with his need for secure self-custody. Here’s how AERIE achieves this:

1. Secure Storage Options: AERIE recognizes that individuals like Alex value the security of their digital assets. That’s why AERIE employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols like AES 256 and PGP to safeguard private keys. Alex, just like many others, has the flexibility to choose between storing encrypted credential files offline or utilizing AERIE’s encrypted, splintered storage protocol with biometric-based recall.

2. Self-Custody Emphasis: AERIE’s core philosophy aligns perfectly with what Alex seeks in the blockchain world. It empowers users like Alex with control over their digital assets, eliminating the need for third-party custodians. This means Alex retains full ownership and control over his private keys, a fundamental principle of blockchain technology.

3. Multilayered Security: AERIE understands that Alex’s digital assets deserve top-notch protection. Their approach to custody is comprehensive, utilizing a multi-layered security strategy. This includes encryption, self-sovereign decentralized identity (SSDID), and secure storage options. These layers work together seamlessly to ensure that Alex’s digital assets are shielded against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

4. User-Centric Approach: Above all, AERIE’s focus on self-custody places users like Alex at the heart of their digital asset management. With complete control over private keys and assets, Alex is empowered to navigate the blockchain world with confidence and independence, knowing that his unique NFT creations are safe and under his control.

5. Business-Centric Custody Solutions: AERIE extends its secure self-custody capabilities to businesses as well. Through AERIE’s platform, businesses can take custody of their clients’ digital assets securely. This functionality is particularly valuable for industries like finance, where secure management of clients’ assets is essential.

In an era where digital assets are gaining prominence and blockchain technology is reshaping industries, secure custody is non-negotiable. AERIE stands as a testament to the commitment to providing users with the tools and infrastructure they need to maintain custody of their digital assets securely. By embracing self-custody and employing robust security measures, AERIE contributes to a safer and more empowering blockchain ecosystem.

Ready to take charge of your digital assets and embrace the power of secure self-custody? Discover the peace of mind that comes with true ownership. Try AERIE today and experience a safer, more independent journey in the world of blockchain and digital assets. Your keys, your control — it’s time to unlock the future of secure custody.

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