Hatched Series: Meet The Web3 Whiz, Joe Benso — Head of Content at Casper

3 min readDec 5, 2023
Hatched Series: Meet The Web3 Whiz, Joe Benso — Head of Content at Casper

Ready to embark into the fascinating world of Casper Network’s Joe Benso? If you’re tuning in to the Hatched Podcast, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to delve deep into the realms of Web3, blockchain technology, and the electrifying universe of non-fungible tokens, all through the eyes and experiences of this crypto luminary.

In this exclusive Hatched Podcast episode, we’re bringing you insights and revelations straight from Joe himself. So, buckle up and prepare to be transported into the exciting and rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 innovation, as we explore Joe’s journey into the crypto sphere, his perspective on the creator economy, and the extraordinary developments unfolding within the heart of Casper Network.

1. The Beginnings of a Web3 Enthusiast

Joe’s trip into Web3 and blockchain is nothing short of a tech adventure. He’s got a master’s in mass communication and media arts and started his career in the arts and media world. His path led him straight to the forefront of Web3 innovation. Talk about a plot twist!

Joe kicked things off in LA, working in entertainment — think radio and TV. But as digital took over, he shifted gears to marketing, mastering the art of engaging audiences with killer content.

This guy’s love for creativity took him to Nashville and LA’s music scenes. He even launched a music startup focusing on collaboration and ownership rights. Joe was breaking down borders and changing how we think about creative partnerships.

2. A Shift Towards Web3

Joe’s journey then took a turn towards Web3 and blockchain. He was fascinated by how smart contracts could simplify the creative world’s complexities. With his storytelling prowess and deep understanding of artists’ needs, he was the perfect fit for bridging traditional creativity with the new-age Web3 scene.

Though Joe had been following Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2012, he really dove deep in 2017 with his podcast “Perfect Blockchain.” This caught the eye of Casper, an innovative blockchain network in Switzerland. That’s when he joined the Casper team and started making waves.

Starting as Director of Communications at Casper, Joe quickly became the Head of Content. Here, he got an up-close look at blockchain’s potential and became a die-hard NFT advocate.

For Joe, NFTs are way more than just digital collectibles. He sees them as key to the whole Web3 ecosystem, offering a new way for creators to collaborate and change the value game in creative projects.

3. Casper’s Focus on the Creator Economy

Under Joe’s lead, Casper is doing some groundbreaking stuff with NFTs. Their NFT standard, CEP78, is changing the game, especially in gaming and other creative industries.

Joe’s not just talking the talk; he’s walking it too. He’s driving projects like “Outlaw Dogs” on Casper, showcasing how their NFT standard brings new features and benefits to users.

Casper, with Joe at the helm, is empowering creators. They’re set to disrupt industries like music, photography, and film with blockchain and NFTs. Imagine a world where musicians share royalties seamlessly — that’s what they’re working towards.

4. The Future of Web3 and NFTs

Looking ahead, Joe sees 2024 and 2025 as big years for Web3 and NFTs. He’s expecting user-friendly experiences, a blend of AI and blockchain, and a rise in “social-fi,” where your data and interactions actually pay off.

Joe Benso’s journey from traditional media to the cutting edge of Web3 and blockchain is an inspiration. His insights into NFTs, Casper’s innovations, and the future of Web3 give us a peek into a world where creativity and technology merge, empowering creators and individuals like never before. The future’s looking bright, and we’ve got front-row seats!