Hatched Episode: Meet Alexandre Tsydenkov, The Visionary Behind NFT Paris

4 min readSep 8, 2023

Hey there! Today, we’ve got an exciting story to share with you about a remarkable individual. NFT Paris has been making waves in the world of NFT and Web3. It’s an annual conference for enthusiasts of these cutting-edge technologies. And at the heart of this phenomenon is none other than our guest of the day, Alexandre Tsydenkov, the founder of NFT Paris.

From Farming Drops to Sowing Dreams

Alexandre’s story starts with a unique blend of interests — art, music, collecting, finance, and a deep curiosity about the world. He took a collection of stamps from his grandfather, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Alex had a deep love for art, and collecting became a growing addiction. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon NFTs that all these separate passions merged into something incredibly powerful.

Nifty Gateway was, at the time, his nocturnal playground, and Twitter his virtual haven. Alex spent a year immersing himself in this world, trading NFTs in the wee hours of the night. It was a crazy year, but it was also the year that changed everything for him.

One day, it hit him like a bolt of lightning. He saw the potential of NFTs, a convergence of his love for art, his collecting instincts, and his financial acumen. It was a eureka moment and he realized he needed to be part of this world, contribute to it, and make a mark.

The Birth of NFT Paris

Before NFT Paris came about, it hasn’t all been sunshine and daisies. Alex had dabbled in other ventures related to stamp collecting and realized that they were dwindling markets. It was a heartbreaking moment for him as he watched something he cherished slowly fading away.

Alex’s next move was to create a space for like-minded people to connect, share ideas, and explore the limitless possibilities of NFTs. He organized a meetup, thinking it would be a small start. But something incredible happened after that first event. There were 800 attendees and he witnessed brilliant minds in the NFT space, merging art, technology, and capital. An just like that, NFT Paris took off to be one of the largest NFT conferences in the world.

What’s remarkable about Alex’s journey is that it defies convention. How does a young entrepreneur have the confidence to undertake such a monumental task? It’s a combination of ambition, passion, and most importantly, expertise. Alexandre’s deep knowledge of the NFT space set him apart, and he quickly became a genuine voice in the community.

Bull, Bear, and Resilience

Alexandre’s brainchild has already hosted two successful conferences, with the third one on the horizon for February next year. The growth and evolution of these events tell us a lot about the changing landscape of the NFT space.

The NFT market, like any other, has its ups and downs. Alexandre experienced this firsthand. NFT Paris started during a bullish period, but the infamous “NFT winter” arrived unexpectedly. Despite the challenges, Alexandre and his team adapted. They shifted their focus from speculation to the fundamentals, attracting brands and emphasizing the cultural impact of NFTs through gaming, music, and more.

One of the intriguing questions in the NFT space is about utility. While NFTs are often associated with digital collectibles, Alexandre believes that their true utility lies in emotional connection and personal expression. Utility can come in many forms, from access to meetups to unique experiences.

He sees a profound connection between AI and NFTs, particularly in generative AI. AI tools amplify the creative possibilities, and the future holds infinite potential for self-expression and artistic creation. As the digital world continues to evolve, NFTs will play a significant role in shaping the future.

Traditional Titans and the NFT scene

Paris, known for its rich history in traditional art forms, has been surprisingly welcoming to the NFT movement. While there was initial excitement, the city’s luxury brands have taken a cautious approach, though they are slowly venturing into the NFT space. Even traditionally conservative entities like La Poste are experimenting with NFTs. Alexandre believes that the transition to a digital world is inevitable, and even the most traditional industries will adapt.

As we wrap up our conversation with Alexandre, we couldn’t help but ask what change would he want to bring to this world. Alexandre’s response centers on shifting the monetization model for artists, ensuring creators are rewarded, and promoting self-expression without corporate barriers.

Before we say goodbye, Alex shares a personal habit that he just started: meditation. It’s a simple yet effective practice that keeps him centered and focused on his mission. His passion, ambition, and deep understanding of the NFT space are reshaping the future of art and creativity.

Thanks for joining us on this Hatched episode, and stay tuned for more fascinating conversations with innovators like Alexandre Tsydenkov.

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