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2 min readSep 5, 2022


Deciding on your own is freedom. NEST® brings you an ecosystem where you can confidentially create real-world security. Presenting The Other Fruit (TOF®), an NFT Marketplace where you own and control your choices.

The Other Fruit is a web-based marketplace built to facilitate legal and contractual exchange of digital and real-world assets, as well as services. It solves issues with peer-to-peer transactions and reinvents the way transactions exist in the digital space.

Create Assets

Intellectual Property (IP), assets, and NFTs can be instantly created on TOF®, with full control in your hands. This means that your NFTs and all digital assets cannot be downloaded randomly in their original form nor claimed by someone else. You have real and direct control over your assets. With TOF®, it is all in one place. It is all encrypted by you, for you and to you.

Legal and Contractual Exchange

TOF® simply acts as a clearing house for these private, legal contracts. We accomplish this by turning the contract itself into a digital asset and storing it rather than being a direct party in exchange. There are also protected layered solutions for the visual tokenization of encrypted contractual documentation and pricings. This is TOF®’s own protected solution.

Manage Your Data

TOF® gives every member their own, individually encrypted, personal data wallet. This comes with immutable, private integrations across all the distributed network features. Think of this like a decentralized, personally encrypted, extended Dropbox capacity. Content in your data wallet can be encrypted, set as a DLT asset and then, like an NFT sale or transfer, that set DLT asset can be included during private contractual exchange.

Own Your Information

TOF® offers every member the option to have their personal information and activity stored in their privately encrypted data wallet. Why should every tweet, FB post, IG video, or any digital action for that matter, create data points for someone else to benefit from? Why should FB and IG be allowed to repackage your data for sale? The answer is clear; they should not be allowed to do this.

End-to-End Encrypted Messaging

Every TOF® user action or exchange is individually encrypted. Communication is device-to-device. Every TOF® interaction, registration or contract is immutably blockchain secured. Privately encrypted, publicly verified.

Now we invite you to define, create, and live your personal choice.

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