What are Soulbound Tokens?

4 min readNov 28, 2023

Let’s embark on a journey to understand Soulbound Tokens, a revolutionary concept making waves in the blockchain world. We’ll let you glimpse into the future, a scene where these tokens redefine personal identity and achievement. A scene of a neon-lit future, the digital and physical worlds meld.

Mika’s life story was not written in ink but coded into the blockchain. Her achievements, her identity, her entire academic and professional journey were encapsulated in what were known as Soulbound Tokens, or SBTs. These digital badges were unique, immutable, and inextricably linked to her.

As she applied for a job at the Quantum Computing Corporation, there was no resume to hand over; her SBTs spoke for her. They were a reliable record of her life’s work, accessible with a mere gesture, showcasing her credentials from the University of Mars and her groundbreaking internship on the Moon.

In this world, trust was implicit, fraud a distant memory. Mika’s achievements were permanently hers, a part of her digital DNA. This was a society where identity was unforgeable, and every individual’s journey was a unique constellation in the vast digital universe.

From Mika’s vivid experience in this futuristic world, we can draw a clear picture of the innovative and transformative nature of Soulbound Tokens. These aren’t just fictional elements of a sci-fi narrative; they represent a real, emerging technology with the potential to revolutionize how we manage and verify personal identity and achievements.

What are Soulbound Tokens?

Now, let’s demystify what Soulbound Tokens are and how they could become integral to our digital lives. While NFTs brought us the concept of unique digital ownership, SBTs take this idea a step further. They’re not your typical tradable assets like cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Instead, SBTs are intrinsically tied to your identity and non-transferable — think of them as permanent, non-fungible aspects of your digital self.

A Soulbound Token isn’t just a token; it’s a reflection of your personal journey and accomplishments, unchangeable and inalienably yours.

How is it different from other token types?

To understand SBTs better, let’s compare them with familiar blockchain tokens:

ERC-20 Tokens: Think of these as your conventional currency, like digital dollars. They’re fungible, meaning each token is identical and interchangeable. They’re the go-to standard for things like cryptocurrencies.

ERC-721 Tokens: These are the darlings of the digital art world. Each token is unique — a one-of-a-kind asset like a rare painting. This is the standard used for most NFTs.

ERC-1155 Tokens: A versatile hybrid, ERC-1155 can handle both fungible and non-fungible assets. They’re used mainly in gaming and complex asset management.

Soulbound Tokens: SBTs are non-transferable and represent personal attributes or affiliations. They’re more like digital identity markers than currency or collectibles.

The Practical Uses of Soulbound Tokens

Now, what do we do with these SBTs? Their main role is to represent elements of your identity and achievements in a way that’s secure, verifiable, and, importantly, cannot be sold or transferred. Think of them as immutable badges of honor or trust, digitally showcasing your education, skills, experiences, or even medical history.

As of now, SBTs are still in their nascent stages, yet the potential applications are vast and exciting:

In Education: Universities could issue diplomas as SBTs. This would mean your degree is verifiably yours, forever etched on the blockchain, reducing fraud and making credential verification a breeze for employers.

Professional Certifications: Imagine your professional licenses and certifications as SBTs. They become tamper-proof records of your skills, accessible and verifiable anywhere, anytime.

Healthcare Records: Your vaccination status or medical history could be securely stored as SBTs, accessible only by authorized entities, ensuring privacy and reducing medical record mishandling.

Event Tickets and Memberships: SBTs could revolutionize ticketing for events or memberships in clubs, ensuring that only the rightful ticket holders gain access, thereby reducing scalping and fraud.

Final Thoughts

Let’s pause and take it all in — this whole idea of Soulbound Tokens is brimming with potential. We’ve been through the looking glass with Mika, glimpsing a future that’s just around the corner, a tangible forecast of the impact SBTs could have on society. They promise a future where our digital and physical identities merge, creating trust and authenticity that could redefine social interactions, professional engagements, and personal accomplishments.

Yet, how do we reconcile the immutable nature of blockchain technology with the ever-evolving journey of human life? What mechanisms must we put in place to ensure that SBTs empower rather than constrain us?

The concept of non-transferability, an important feature of the SBT framework, flips the script on the current paradigm of asset ownership and trade. This could lead to a massive paradigm shift in how we perceive value and exchange in a digital economy. Will society embrace a model where certain aspects of one’s identity and achievements are non-negotiable and non-commercializable?

As we navigate these waters, the balance between innovation and regulation, between permanence and privacy, will be critical. SBTs are not just a new technology; they are a new way of conceptualizing identity, ownership, and trust in an increasingly interconnected world. They hold the promise of a more authentic and verifiable digital existence, but they also require us to rethink our approach to personal data and digital interactions.

The journey of integrating SBTs into our digital lives is just beginning, and like any great odyssey, it will be filled with discoveries, opportunities, and lessons. It is an adventure that calls for thoughtful consideration, open dialogue, and a bold vision for the future of our digital selves.

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